Gifts Given Freely, Out of Joy and Love

Music: Fugue in C Major.
By Dietrich Buxtehude. Sequenced by David Cooke.

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Gifts given freely, out of joy and love,
Are, like the gift of life, conceived in pleasure.
Blest are those whose hearts in that way move,
Receiving more of life than they can measure.
In giving, then, alight with hope and passion,
Each wanting, wanted, desperate with delight,
Lovers incandescent moments fashion,
As meteors slash through a starry night.
No love is strong without its strong demands.
Demons do not need as lovers do!
Love weaves its joys of mutual commands:
In giving pleasure, taking pleasure, too.
So may you give, and find such pleasure there
As lights the darkest dreams of those who care.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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