Harmony Comes Wholly from Within

Music: Miroirs, III: Une Barque Sur L'Océan.
Maurice Ravel. Performed by Felipe Sarro at the Free Music Archive under an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license.

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Harmony comes wholly from within,
Adding voices to life's melodies.
Perhaps at times life sings in minor keys.
Praised be those who find the grace therein.
Yet love's a counter melody to sin,
An inner voice creating harmonies
Now spilling round the roots of ravaged trees.
Now borne like bliss upon a gentle wind.
In us there is a harmony well honed,
Voices that for years have sung in tune,
Each supporting each through passages
Rich with the complexities of life.
Sing, then, of the concert hall, a domed
Atrium on a golden afternoon,
Resonant with musical messages
Yielded by the love of man and wife.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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