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Merry Christmas to My Darling Wife

Music: Prelude in C - BWV 846.
J.S. Bach. Performed by Kevin MacLeod at the Free Music Archive
under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

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Merry Christmas to my darling wife!
Enduring love makes much of holidays,
Rituals that mark the grace of life,
Refrains of old, familiar roundelays.
Years fall into rhythms that repeat,
Creating opportunities to dance.
Hard as life might be, the hour is sweet,
Returning us to choreographed romance.
In this moment of expected cheer,
Still in love, I tell you once again
That I am ever blessed to have you here,
My partner in our journey to the wind.
Again, again, the season has its way,
Singing what I else too rarely say.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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