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Vivid Garments of Our Love

Music: Even When We Fall.
By Philipp Weigl.
Performed by Philipp Weigl at the Free Music Archive
under an Attribution License.

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Vivid garments of our love: A walk
Along a rocky, jasmine-scented coast;
Little snips of playful nonsense talk;
Enjoying back and forth a swift riposte;
Need like a wave hungry for the shore,
Then rising, rising, rising till it breaks,
Imploding, crashing, till it is no more,
Nothing but a wash of bliss and grace;
Each taking turns with pain, but not alone,
'Mid agonies, a melody of love
Singing in a silent world of stone,
Dancing where no muscle would dare move;
And underneath these precious, treasured clothes,
Yearning still, two tender, naked souls.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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