There Is a Joy That Banishes All Reason

Music: Virtutes Instrumenti.
By Kevin MacLeod. Performed by Kevin MacLeod at the Free Music Archive
under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

There is a joy that banishes all reason,
An ecstasy so vast it has no shore,
A craving that devours all decision,
A lust for nothingness that lusts for more.
There are angels in pursuit of pain
Who take Satanic pride in degradation,
Who'll drag you down the hill and back again
Hosanna-ing your sweet humiliation.
Just like a fire fanned by a hot, dry wind,
Or like a flood that sweeps away all will,
This wall of pleasure leaves no one behind,
No sign of life where all one loves lies still.
So does the soul in anguish hate the joy
That soothes the hate that does the soul destroy.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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