All Winter Long the Willows Wait

Music: Preludes and Fugues, Book 1, Prelude No. 8 in E Flat Minor.
by Johann Sebastian Bach.
Performed by Carlos Gardels at the Free Music Archive
under a Copyright-Only Dedication license.

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All winter long the willows wait,
Nor more nor less than willing,
Glad to be, but just a bit
Entropic in their chilling.
Life longs ever for rebirth,
Awake to its long sleep,
As willows need their leaves for breath,
Numb until they weep.
Do, then, winter well beneath
More blankets than you know,
Immense as any mustard seed,
Content to dream for now,
Holding in your arms a light
As Earth slides through its bitter night,
Ever doomed to bliss and blight
Lest things too easy go.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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