Because All Things Are Made of Light

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Nicholas Gordon

Because all things are made of light --
One's flesh, one's thoughts, one's self, one's sight --
No candle need hold off the night,
Nor faith uncouple wrong from right.
Ill and good are equally bright.
Each being is with love bedight.

Let all things be with love bedight --
Instant oatmeal, Yoplait lite,
Lizards, snakes, sharks, snowflakes, bright
Immensities beyond our sight,
The drawing that one gets just right,
Hanukkah, a sleepless night.

Shall one love both day and night?
Each moment is with love bedight --
Times of wrong and times of right,
Hours of darkness, hours of light,
Ends unseen, an end in sight --
Love makes every moment bright.
In love with life, one's tears are bright,
Zeal and zest survive the night,
All things grace the gift of sight --
Blessings with bad breath bedight,
Emails, entrails, Facebook lite,
Those who think wrongs make a right,
Hells, hawks, hymns, a holy rite.

Each stain, each star, each stone, each bright
Limpet equally of light,
Loved equally both day and night,
Each miracle with love bedight,
Nothing without love in sight.

Given all the gifts in sight --
A Christian prayer, a Jewish rite,
Bedbugs with one's blood bedight,
Ecstasy, a brass blare bright,
Kisses in the sheltering night,
Eels, ants, aches, first morning light --
No thing in sight not made of light,
Nor is what's right more wrong by night.
All things are bright, with love bedight.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

Video and Audio Music: Moonlight Sonata.
By Ludwig Van Beethoven. Music free to use at YouTube.

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