Because Each One of Us Is Equally

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Because each one of us is equally
Of fuelless flame engendered from the void,
None is less than Hanukkah a miracle.
Nor is one's sense of self empirical.
In one's heart one cannot be destroyed,
Even though one knows one will not be.

Granted that in time one will not be.
A soul is one with One, and equally
Bedight with dust created and destroyed,
Revealed through contemplation of the void
In which one sees that everything empirical
Exists within the context of a miracle.
Let every person be proclaimed a miracle,
A loved one of what brought all things to be,
Needing something unempirical
Demanding all be valued equally.
Knowledge is as knowledge does. The void
Exists beyond what dreams can be destroyed,
Nothingness, which cannot be destroyed,
Necessary setting for a miracle,
A voice commanding justice from the void.

So must the ground of justice ever be
Eternal love for each soul equally,
Too absolute to be empirical.
How could commandments be empirical,
Each in good time ripe to be destroyed?
Life without them lies unequally,
Innocence depending on a miracle,
Zealous to believe in what might be
A lamp lit by the light within the void.
Bless the myth of love within the void,
Enduring although unempirical,
The ground of justice that will ever be,
However much the dream might be destroyed.

Enduring truths are fueled by miracle,
Lest time favor them unequally.
Let them equally, lit by the void,
Each truth a miracle unempirical,
Never be for want of faith destroyed.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

Video and Audio Music: Wistful Harp.
By Andrew Huang. Music free to use at YouTube.

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