Be Comfortable with Doubt, with Death, with Darkness

Music: Peace Within.
By Peter Rudenko.
Performed by Peter Rudenko at the Free Music Archive
under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

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Be comfortable with doubt, with death, with darkness.
One's candle will inevitably burn out.
No miracle can make it last forever,
Nor keep two souls eternally together.
In life there is but one way things turn out.
Embrace it, then, in all its senseless starkness.

Sing of life in all its poignant starkness,
Equally of light and gentle darkness,
The timeless end, however time turns out,
Here, where every holy lamp burns out.
Each finds greater happiness together.
Love is a redaction of forever.
In loving one is for a time forever,
Zen-like in one's sense of senseless starkness,
Aware that one is one, and that together
Both are singly subject to the darkness,
Embracing still a soul that will burn out,
Touched by love, however things turn out,
Having loved, however things turn out.

Given, one will not exist forever
And like a Hanukkah candle will burn out,
Burning beautifully against life's starkness,
Radiant dancer lighting up the darkness.
In love and longing, dancers dance together,
Each flame more bright and beautiful together,
Loving life however it turns out,
A miracle of light upon the darkness.
Nor need one need more time to taste forever,
Despite the naked truth in all its starkness,
Knowing that in time all flames burn out,
Eventually that even stars burn out.
Now is forever. The only forever. Together
Now is together forever. Life ends in starkness,
And yet one's time is timeless, it turns out.

Eternity is now. One lives forever,
Light infinite upon a sea of darkness,
Lighting darkness still. Though lights turn out,
Each was still is. Forever is. Together
Now burning out of love amid life's starkness.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

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