Being Is Itself the Fuel-less Flame

Music: Fugue in A Major.
By Dimitri Shostakovich. Sequenced by J. Marques .

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

Being is itself the fuel-less flame,
Open to no other explanation,
Needing but the notion of The Name,
Not for reason, just for conversation.
In everything there is a holy light,
Explained as inexplicable delight.

Maybe all that is, is for delight,
A superfluity of ardent flame
Resulting in a burst of brazen light.
Know that there can be no explanation
Underneath the endless conversation:
Simply love within the nameless Name.

Love is the quintessence of The Name.
If It is perfect, why need It delight?
Listen to the lyric conversation
In which one finds the answer: that the flame
Transcends attempts at reasoned explanation,
Here for nothing but the love of light.

God is just a word. The source of light
Abides in mystery. We say, "The Name,"
But that's a label, not an explanation.
Reason doesn't traffic in delight.
In faith one finds the reason for the flame,
Entering with joy the conversation,
Longing to transcend the conversation.

Each moment is a miracle of light
Lit for nothing but the joy of flame,
Lit by some unknown we call The Name
Echoing our intimate delight,
Needing neither end nor explanation.

Standing in the way of explanation,
Elusive in the course of conversation,
There is the mystery of God's delight.
How could a perfect being want for light?
Even in Its joy, why should The Name
Long to fuel with love our feeble flame?
In us delight needs little explanation:
Zest for light sustains the inner flame
As we engage The Name in conversation.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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