Being in Eternity and Time

Music: Concatenate.
By Damiano Baldoni.
Performed by Damiano Baldoni at the Free Music Archive
under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

Being in eternity and time,
One knows both, as though a piece of music
Not only was itself, but every piece
Not heard, not even written, as though the moment
Included all that ever was, could ever be,
Even what one never could imagine.

Sing of the gift that brings one to imagine
Eternity within each tick of time,
The daily human miracle that can be
Heard in the intensity of music,
Every ecstasy that fills the moment,
Letting one find glory piece by piece.
In the eternal moment there is peace.
Zero and infinity. Imagine
All creation in a single moment,
Being in the grip of conscious time,
Eternities in thoughts, in words, in music,
That bring one to the finite brink of be,
Here beside the radiance of be.

Each of us can turn within towards peace,
Living in the midst of silent music,
Listening to songs one can imagine.
Even fuel-less flames go out in time.
Nor can forever be but in the moment.

Give thanks for every day, year, hour, moment,
Alive as only one who dies can be.
Be grateful for the unsought gift of time,
Ripening towards wisdom, love, and peace.
In every pulse, one can reimagine
Eternity, as grace, as timeless music.
Live, then, in the ambiance of music,
Alive in both forever and the moment,
Needing, to be joyful, to imagine
Death within the miracle of be,
Knowing that eternal inner peace
Endures beneath the holocaust of time.
Nor does the music vanish with the moment.
Nor can what one imagines well but be
A piece of praise song sung for one's own time.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

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