Creation Is the Proper Form of Love

Music: Salve Regina.
By Arnolt Schlick. Sequenced by David Cooke.

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Nicholas Gordon

Creation is the proper form of love,
Opening a new universe to Being.
Nor is love a lesser way of seeing,
Given what the passing years will prove.
Remember well what service you must render
As laborers in a vineyard not your own.
The life that you have made is but on loan,
Underwritten by a well-heeled lender.
Let it then be yours this little while,
And lavish it unstintingly with joy,
The grace no later demons can destroy,
Inheritance no fortune can defile.
Out of who you are comes what you do:
Now both of you live well for more than two,
So that with love you may new life beguile.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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