Daryl Rose and Anthony Are Friends

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Daryl Rose and Anthony are friends.
All their thoughts and feelings are entwined.
Regarding the strong message that this sends:
Yearnings can be shared and not combined.
Lives can go down separate paths, with friends
Reaching separate homes, though intertwined.
One waits upon some fool; the other sends
Such candor as with love can be combined.
Each is bound for other hearts, for friends
Are never quite so desperately entwined,
Needing still the whippoorwill that sends
Them word of greater rapture uncombined.
Heed the happiness of two close friends,
Oak-like in their postures, unentwined,
No doubt who hear the hints the cold wind sends,
Yet choose to love each other uncombined.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

Audio and Video Music: Maryandra's Waltz.
By Jesse Gallagher. Music free to use at YouTube.

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