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God, if There Is One, Looks Down upon the World

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God, if there is one, looks down upon the world
And sees its religions squabbling beneath Him.
What does He think of our parsings of His word
And the many ways His worshipers perceive Him?
How beautiful! He thinks. How like a garden!
Delightful! Such a perfect panoply!
A spiritual version of My Eden,
Each faith a flowering, fruit-bearing tree!
Why can't they see their complementary beauty,
Enjoying the impressionistic view,
And dwell in peace and love, as is their duty,
Giving every kind of grace its due?
Don't they know I love them equally,
As they must love, if they would love Me?

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

Video Music: Look Inside. By Jahzzar. Performed by Jahzzar at the Free Music Archive
under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

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