Happiness Can Also Be a Haunting

Music: Black Mary.
Sequenced by Barry Taylor.

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Nicholas Gordon

Happiness can also be a haunting,
A text one can recite but cannot read.
Peace need not erase the need for need,
Pressed to a perfection one finds daunting.
Yet often one can win with little warning,
Mothering the plant without the seed,
Of help in breeding though of different breed,
Taking pleasure in another's dawning.
How one feels depends on how one chooses,
Embracing always less that what one wills,
Redeeming even tragedy with passion
'Mid the sinking tapestries of night.
So may you find the courage that refuses
Dominion to the clarity that kills,
Awakening the mother that might fashion
Yearning strong enough to see the light.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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