Hold On, Hold On Through Seasons of Despair

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Hold on, hold on through seasons of despair,
And have faith in the staying power of love.
Perhaps your main task is just being there,
Providing love your children need to prove.
Yet the proving's often hard to bear.

Fear not the seasons; the years are on your side.
As your divorce recedes, it will grow small.
The turmoil comes and goes now like a tide;
However, in good time, its angst will pall.
Each year is precious; do not wish it gone,
Regardless of its dissonance and pain.
'Mid every duel your life depends upon,
Some well-wrought lesson teaches love again.
Days of conflict can be days of beauty,
As love remains the melody of duty,
Yearning no known scale can contain.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

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