There's a Certain Joy That Enters Me

Music: Carolan's Draught.
By Turlough O'Carolan. Sequenced by Barry Taylor.

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Nicholas Gordon

There's a certain joy that enters me,
However agitated my surreal day.
It comes like wind-blown silk, voluptuously,
Near turning me to itself. My feelings sway,
Knots untangle, the breeze takes me away!
In moments I'm disengaged, fluttering free,
Nodding yes within, without, all play,
Going where I need do none but be.
Or calm, like the stillness of green water,
Falls gently, inundates my inner cry;
Yearning quiets, I become the daughter
Of all that undertakes to soothe a sigh:
Use letters left then down to find out why.

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