Meditation on Psalm 113

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

I feel you in the hollow of my heart,
But when I enter, you are not within.
I know you in the shadow of not knowing,
A dream I can no longer quite remember,
Your arms around me, my need against your chest,
But nothing more awaits me than the wind.

I wish that I could love you as of old:
The Lord our God, of whom I sing in praise,
Who sits upon the throne of my observance
And judges of my righteousness with mercy;
Who answers prayers, and raises up the lowly,
And quickens with delight the mother's womb.

I know you as a question with no answer,
A metaphor for being, or a curtain
Hung between the supplicant and death.
But truly I have turned away from you
As from a childhood home, my heritage
Fading like a star that greets the dawn.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

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