There Are Some Pleasures I Would Try with You

Music: Galiardo Secundo Mris Marye Brownlo.
By William Byrd. Performed by
John Sankey.

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Nicholas Gordon

There are some pleasures I would try with you
So sweet I cannot tell you what they are.
For love, the dark provides a better view
Of things that words or light may often mar.
So close your eyes and let go of your will;
Let me guide you blind to ecstasy.
Open doors and let desire fill
Each orifice my tongue might let me see.
Beauty's not the slave of just one sense,
But master of them all. The inner eye,
Awake to an aesthetic far more dense
Than sight alone can know, awaits your cry.
So join me in the splendors of the night
Where touch becomes our eyes, and love our light.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

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