We First Met at a Party

Music: The Star of County Down.
Sequenced by Barry Taylor.

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Nicholas Gordon

We first met at a party.
You first kissed me at my door.
The next words that you said to me:
I want to see you more.

In a moonlit lane way
I considered your dark hair,
Your dark eyes lit by the full moon,
The hard way you were there;

And then I fell in love with you,
Though you not yet with me.
You said that you would have to choose,
And I was one of three.

And when you said I was the one,
My heart burst into song.
I loved you so, I didn't care
If it was right or wrong.

And now I love you just as much;
In fact, I love you more:
The manly boy who took me home
And kissed me at my door.

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