Lovers and Good Friends Are Joined by Longing

Music: Planxty Eleanor Plunkett.
By Turlough O'Carolan.
Sequenced by Barry Taylor at Kunst der Fuge .

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Lovers and good friends are joined by longing,
The glue that holds humanity together.
We have an innate hunger for belonging,
Designed to make us love each other better.
So do not think dependence is a failing.
It is inseparable from who you are.
You might have a yen for solo sailing,
But loneliness still haunts you from afar.
Allow yourself your weakness. It's a strength
To have the courage to accept your needs.
Lovers find that courage, or at length
Find, as passion fades, that love recedes.
Passions are tides that, restless, come and go.
But love is a spring that draws from deep below.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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