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Music: In Search of the Lost Future.
By Julie Maxwell.
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This week's theme: Graduation
June 19: Here We Have an End and a Beginning
June 20: Goodbye, Adolescence! Hello, Adulthood
June 21: Graduating Gradually
June 22: Goodbye, Dear Friend and Graduate
June 23: Graduations Are like Stepping Through
June 24: Middle School Is a Time of Yearning
June 25: We've Been Together Since We Were

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We've Been Together Since We Were

We've been together since we were
Just barely more than babes,
Holding onto Mommy's hand,
Missing two front teeth.

Some of us now have to wear
A bra and some to shave,
Adults in what our hearts demand,
Still children underneath.

Together we learned how to read,
Together learned to play,
To add and multiply our friends,
To give and to receive.

Our teachers taught us how to lead,
To put our tears away,
To separate our means and ends,
To work and to achieve.

And now we step across a line;
Our childhood is gone.
Soon, just like a morning dream,
The memories will fade.

But if we turn out good and kind,
Rejoicing in the sun,
We'll know to thank these sheltered years
Where our first joys remain.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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