Tarah and Serrin Have Not Passed Away

Music: Lovely Molly.
Sequenced by Barry Taylor.

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

Tarah and Serrin have not passed away.
A dance is not over when dancing is done.
Remembering them is like watching the sun
As the moon turns to silver the black-bordered bay.
How can a will find the words that might say
All the truth of the truth that two children are gone?
Not only the meaning but also the song,
Defining our grief in the wake of its way.
So may we linger with them for a while,
Each moment a moment of beauty and pain,
Restoring the sense that makes no sense at all.
Reason alone cannot sponsor a smile.
In faith and desire we see them again,
Nearly the loved ones we long to recall.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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