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The books listed below are manufactured and shipped by However, the .pdf files available here can be downloaded for free. New books are published and old books are updated regularly, so please be sure to check back. International purchase and shipping are available.

To visit a book's page on Amazon, read its description, and perhaps buy it, click on its title. To read a book free as a .pdf file, click on the word "free" below the book's title.

Selected Poems.
Read Free.

Selected Stories.
Read Free.

Cruise to Nowhere Tales. A modern version of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.
Read Free.

Love Poems.
Read Free.

Magnum Opus: A Novel.
Read Free.

Number Poems.
Read Free.

Philosophical Poems.
Read Free.

The Watergate Tapes: A Dramatization of Taped Conversations at the Nixon White House.
Read Free.

Three: A Divorce from Three Points of View. Unfortunately, because of adult content, I cannot offer it to read free on my website.

Valentine's Day Poems.
Read Free.

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