Deep Sea Divers Dove One Day

Music: Air and Variations in E Major: "The Harmonius Blacksmith."
G. F. Handel. Sequenced by Ken Whitcomb.

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Deep sea divers dove one day,
All decked out in green and gray.
Underneath the sea they saw
A million muskrats, maybe more.

"What kind of creatures could you be
Underneath the salty sea?"
The deep sea divers asked. "Don't you
Need air to breathe and burrows, too?"

"Oh, my! Oh, my!" the muskrats said.
"It's time for treats, then off to bed!"
And in a flash, like fin-tailed fish,
The muskrats turned in one bright swish,
And vanished like a whispered wish.

Deep down they went where whales trade
Their favorite shellfish in the shade,
While walruses wear woolen coats
And stingrays feed seahorses oats;

Where turtles dance with manatees,
And snoring snails try not to sneeze,
And seals in tux and tails sing
While serving scallions in the spring,
Too deep dark down to see a thing.

There the muskrats went to sleep,
Deep down below the deepest deep,
Too deep for deep sea divers to
Descend to, as deep divers do,
And far too deep for me and you.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

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