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This week's theme: Good and Evil
September 17: Cynicism Comes from Self-Disgust
September 18: You Wrap Your Mind Around the Consequence
September 19: Year After Year, You Promise to Atone
September 20: Proverbs on Ideological Idealism
September 21: The Problem Isn't Simply One of Rules

The Problem Isn't Simply One of Rules

The problem isn't simply one of rules.
Corruption is a matter of the heart
In which one's inner music plays its part,
Cacophony that makes chords sound like fools.
One cannot teach integrity in schools,
Nor sell it through philosophy or art,
Nor fashion it from fear, nor from the start
Build it with a set of legal tools.
All these are well and good, and should be done.
But one must change the music if one would
Reduce corruption to a rare disease.
One dances to a tune, for there is none
Not moved by music. So sing! And your voice could
Restore a bit of virtue by degrees.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

Audio and Video Music: The Forest and the Trees. By Kevin MacLeod. Performed by Kevin MacLeod
at the Free Music Archive under an Attribution-ShareAlike license.

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