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Note: I will be away from 9/9 to 9/29. The next poem of the day will be posted on 9/30.

This Week's Theme: Work
September 2: Unions Are a Gift of Our Own Giving
September 3: Let Unions Bear Some Blame for Their Demise
September 4: Life for Most of Us Has Not Improved
September 5: For You, Who Do Such Good, There Should Be Joy
September 6: Just Think About Desire and Circumstance
September 7: For You There'll Always Be the Gift of Beauty
September 8: Some Pass Silently Across the Stage

Some Pass Silently Across the Stage

Some pass silently across the stage,
Exuberant, embittered, at peace, in pain.
Vividly, some make a different choice,
Ear to the window of their inner voice,
Necessary framers of their age.
They sing, dance, write, paint - every passion drain.
Yet no work of such love can be in vain.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

Audio and Video Music: Fur Elise.
By Ludwig Van Beethoven. Music free to use at YouTube.

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