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This week's theme: Epitaphs
March 18: Bulldogs Don't Let Go of What They've Got
March 19: Reason Is a Calling of the Heart
March 20: Unlike Some, to Me Death Was a Gift

Unlike Some, to Me Death Was a Gift

Unlike some, to me death was a gift:
No longer to live pointlessly in pain.
Choosing death, I might have on my own
Let loose the darkness gathered in my heart,
Except that luck has seen the matter through.

How simple, then, to let one's fortunes drift
Away from one, nor care for loss or gain.
Remember me as one who, not alone,
Relinquished well my moorings, to depart
Yet not without a backward glance towards you.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

Audio and Video Music: Sea of Memory.
By Aakash Gandhi. Music free to use at YouTube.

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