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This week's theme: St. Patrick's Day
March 12: Self Becomes Less Self the More Self-Served
March 13: Seriously, Nothing Would Surprise Me
March 14: Sing of Ireland, That Salad Bowl
March 15: Sing of the Home That You Have Never Seen
March 16: Some Would Satisfy Their Utmost Longings
March 17: Selves Are Quite the Opposite of Souls
March 18: Souls and Selves Are Organ Tones and Tunes

Souls and Selves Are Organ Tones and Tunes

Souls and selves are organ tones and tunes.
The soul is deep, unchanging, it abides.
Placed in time, but not of time, it rides
Above the silence, alike in graves or wombs.
The self is full of feeling as it croons,
Restricted to a shallow range, but wide.
In constant flux, it flits from side to side,
Changing as it nears its bliss or doom.
Know that soul and self sing one sweet song.
'Mid sense and sentiment, eternity
Sings the deepest organ tone of being.
Do, then, bound for death, please sing along,
A chorister transfixed by beauty, singing,
Yielding to the rich, full harmony.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

Video Music: Concerto for Organ and Orchestra Op7 no1 mvt3. By George Friedrich Handel.
Performed by the Advent Orchestra at the Free Music Archive under an Attribution - Share Alike license.

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