Elections, as You Know, Are Bought and Sold

Music: Aria Variata, BVW989, Variation #1.
by Johann Sebastian Bach.
Performed by Brendan Kinsella at the Free Music Archive
under a Copyright-Only Dedication license.

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Elections, as you know, are bought and sold
Like favors from a well-proportioned whore.
Each scandal is a tale often told,
Creating a brief sigh, and nothing more.
The problem is systemic, deeply rooted
In our view of speech that should be free.
Our courts say even money can't be muted,
No more than words in our democracy.
Dare we try to limit the expense,
And muzzle those whose PACs are a pretense,
Yielding time to all sides equally?

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

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