First Anniversaries Replay a Tune

Music: Sheebeg and Sheemore.
By Turlough O'Carolan. Sequenced by Barry Taylor.

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Nicholas Gordon

First anniversaries replay a tune
In which there is much music yet unheard,
Repeating lyrics, yet not word for word,
Sensing something new and still rough hewn.
Then sing with joy that old, familiar song
And listen for the notes you cannot hear,
Notes that play but to the inner ear,
Notes unfamiliar as you sing along.
In silence underneath your celebration,
Vivid lies the truth of which you sing,
Enduring, as your passion turns to feeling,
Richer, more complex, yet more secure.
So will you sense this sense without sensation
As you let the bells of glory ring,
Rejoicing in the rhythms of love's meaning,
Yielding to what must be still obscure.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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