Gerontologists Are Generally Gentle

Music: Kommt her zu mir.
By Heinrich Herzogenberg.
From the free classical sheet music collection of the W. Icking Archive.
Copyright by Andre Van Ryckeghem at Kunst der Fuge.

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Gerontologists are generally gentle,
Engaged as they are in ending life with grace.
Remember that experience is mental;
Old age is no more destiny than race.
Need can make the needy nasty, querulous,
Testy, tearful, childish, obsessed,
Obstinate and ornery, tempestuous,
Livid, listless, lecherous, depressed.
Open, then, your heart, as well you must,
Giving more than you might now suppose.
In time, may you find tenderness in trust
Singing sweetly underneath life's woes,
The lilt of love that lingers, long and deep,
So beautiful it makes the angels weep.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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