Give Yourselves the Gift of Harmony

Music: Blow the Wind Southerly.
Sequenced by Barry Taylor.

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

Give yourselves the gift of harmony
In being each for each a loving other.
Underneath the passion to be free
Lies the deeper longing for a lover.
In loving well, you make yourselves a wellspring,
A source of life to all who would draw near,
Needing but a glance to make the heart sing,
Affluent in all that makes life clear.
And so today you choose what you have chosen,
No longer waiting for what you've become,
Destined for a mystic moment, frozen
Just where time by longing is undone.
All you are is now a part of two,
Severing the old world from the new,
Opening a vista rich with love.
Nor will the grace of life pass by unmoved.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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