Graduation Is a Time

Music: Them Part2.
By Peter Rudenko.
Performed by Peter Rudenko at the Free Music Archive
under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

Graduation is a time
When our thoughts turn naturally
To vandalism, sex, and crime,
Now that we at last are free.

Our teachers think we're well prepared
To make decisions on our own;
But now, perhaps, they're running scared
As they listen to this poem.

Don't worry, folks, we aren't crazy,
Though sometimes we look that way;
Just annoyed, bored, and lazy
As we make it through the day.

So just like birds out of a cage
Or slaves set free from toil and pain,
We aim to try to act our age
And be for now a bit insane.

For life too soon will close its doors,
And then as we grow old in years
We'll teach our own kids to be bores,
But hopefully they'll stuff their ears
And do as we did, not as we do,
Facing life a tad askew.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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