Happy Father's Day to One Whose Love

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Happy Father's Day to one whose love
Asks nothing more than that it more might give!
Praised be those whose self-love selfless proves;
Praised be those who by such pleasure live.
Years of longing find no better plight,
For everything that is, is ever here.
A love that gives, gives unalloyed delight,
Taking in more breath than it can bear.
How lovely, then, to give this day to you,
Embracing who would rather us embrace,
Rejoicing in the ballet old anew,
'Twixt give and give a shy and awkward grace!
So may you ever be on Father's Day,
Despite yourself, the hero of the play,
Accepting from your loved ones what you would
Yet give yourself to them, if you but could.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

Audio and Video Music: Turning Slowly. By Ugonna Onyekwe.
Music free to use at YouTube.

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