Happy Birthday, Mom, from Your Dear Daughter

Music: Fugue in A Major.
By Dimitri Shostakovich. Sequenced by J. Marques .

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Happy birthday, Mom, from your dear daughter!
As you would put me first, so I now you,
Pleased to have this chance to change the order,
Pleased to please your heart in all I do.
Yield, then, for this day the joy of giving;
Be a receiver temporarily,
Inverting your accustomed way of living,
Returning soon enough to normalcy.
The interim, I trust, will be a pleasure,
Happy to the undefended root,
Delight too deep to monitor or measure,
A retrogression one can only treasure,
Yet know too well the years have rendered moot.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

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