Happy Father's Day to a Father-to-Be

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Father's Day

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Nicholas Gordon

Happy Father's Day to a father-to-be!
A little kidney bean has sprouted limbs,
Put forth fingers, toes, while silent hymns
Praise life with music none will hear but she.
You'll never relish more such mystery --
Full of the radiance with which life brims
As you await its needs, its wants, its whims,
The timbre of its love, its will-to-be.
How beautiful, this time of expectation!
Each moment silent in the packed, hushed hall,
Reverberating with the sounds of waiting
'Ere the outstretched arms begin to beat.
So beautiful, this barely breathed elation!
Days go on, but underneath them all
A hunger that there is no hope of sating
Yearns to kiss two tiny, wrinkled feet.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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