Horses Have Friends, and Cows, Pigs, Elephants

Music: Esquisses: Odi profanum vulgus et arceo.
By Charles Henri Valentin Alkan.
Sequenced by Segundo G. Yogore at Kunst der Fuge.

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Horses have friends, and cows, pigs, elephants.
Dogs have best buddies, and parrots, possums, ducks.
Eating alone in a public place can be embarrassing,
As though one's personal failure to connect was on view.
Perhaps we need listeners to make our thoughts real.
Perhaps we need another's warm space as a refuge.
A word of affection is like sunlight to a flower,
Opening it up to the scent-laden sky.
A friend is a mirror, without which we could not see ourselves.
A friend is a window, without which we could not see beyond ourselves.
A friend is a necessity, like food, or sleep, or home.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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