How Might I Repay You for Your Love

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How might I repay you for your love
And all those years of lonely sacrifice?
Perhaps no homage would sufficient prove;
Perhaps there are no words that would suffice.
Yet in my heart there's music I can't sing,
More beauty than my poor voice can express,
Oceans from which I these few drops wring,
Tokens of a tearful tenderness.
How did you bear those years when you alone
Embraced, supported, guided us, and not
Reproached your fate, or even in your tone,
'Mid all that drudgery, resent your lot?
So might I learn from you the secret of
Desiring what life brings to one through love,
And so, perhaps, by who I am repay
Your yearning as I could no other way.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

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