I Doubt You'll Write This Poem for Me

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I doubt you'll write this poem for me
Since I so rarely get
The things I set my heart upon,
The things I might regret.

So little do I now expect,
So little hope or fear,
I draw a circle round myself
And find my pleasure there.

I do not like my friends, nor do I
Think that they like me.
Their words are hard, like jagged rocks,
Their treacherous eyes like scree.

Alone I read, I dream, I like
My music loud, I wait
For something that will never come,
I fault my faultless fate.

I throw myself upon your will,
Yet know you will not say
The words that show me to myself
And burn my heart away.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

Video Music: The Valley. By Jahzzar. Performed by Jahzzar
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