If All Were Now as It Was When

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If all were now as it was when
Christ came to save us all,
And Christmas Day were Christmas Day,
Not some day we recall;

And in the East we saw a star
Exceptionally bright,
And wondered what was going on
That ordinary night;

If God were walking in our midst,
Saying what He said,
And we were not His followers,
But trod where He would tread;

And we were witness to His word
And looked Him in the eye,
And found His message interesting
But too bizarre to buy;

If we were in Jerusalem
And watched Him bear the cross,
And suffered with His suffering
But feared to share His loss;

And saw Him die in agony,
And wondered at it all,
And this were something we ourselves,
Not printed books, recall:

What would be the difference,
Had we known Him that way,
Between the faith we feared to feel
And what we fear today?

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

Audio and Video Music: Concerto for 2 Oboes in F Major Op9 no3, 2 Adagio.
By Tomaso Albinoni. Performed by the Advent Orchestra at the Free Music Archive
under an Attribution-Share Alike license.

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