I Have One Living Son

Music: The Stormy Scenes of Winter.
Sequenced by Barry Taylor.

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

I have one living son, Justin,
And two daughters: Letisha and Anastasia.
And three dead sons, my first sons,
Who died because they were too small.

I love them as much as I do the others.
They lived their entire lives within me,
All but a few short, sickly days.
And now I mourn them as I do my other loved ones passed.

Do not think that time together
Has anything to do with grief.
Flesh of my flesh, they are my children.
I think of them often, as I do my parents,

As I would any souls I have loved.
The dead whom we love are like trees on a riverbank:
The river flows by, the trees remain.
Three lovely trees, as tall and thick as any of the others.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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