I Know I Cannot Satisfy the Sun

Music: Erbarm mich dich, O Herre Gott.
By Heinrich Bach. Sequenced by David Cooke.

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Nicholas Gordon

I know I cannot satisfy the sun
Nor earn the pleasures of a quiet day;
Spring is not a prize that I have won,
Nor am I here because I've had my say.
My thoughts are not the product of my wits,
Nor are my myths the product of my dreams;
I am a confluence of moments -- bits
Of longing borne by cold and laughing streams.
Love also is a gift beyond deserving:
Large-eyed, nocturnal, armed with delicate paws;
Nudging shameless for affection, serving
Equally my need and its own laws.
Miraculously delivered, drunk with light,
I stagger towards the long-expected night.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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