I Miss You, Though I'm Not Quite Sure I Love You

Music: Euge Caeli.
By Thomas Tallis. Sequenced by M.J. Starke.

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Nicholas Gordon

I miss you, though I'm not quite sure I love you.
All I know's I like my music sad.
Crystal days I'm pensive, thinking of you,
And while you're gone, I'm never really glad.
I think of love as some enormous sea,
Tempestuous or still, but never ending,
Something that once there will always be.
But that is not the message that I'm sending.
Missing you, for me, is something new:
An opening into my changing heart.
Love is something that I won't yet do,
But feeling what I feel for you's a start.
Love, like prayer, should not be lightly said,
So I'll just say, "You're in my heart" instead!

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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