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Indeed, This Should Be Interdependence Day

Music:Kommt her zu mir.
By Heinrich Herzogenberg.
From the free classical sheet music collection of the W. Icking Archive.
Copyright by Andre Van Ryckeghem at Kunst der Fuge.

Indeed, this should be interdependence day.
No nation can lay claim to independence.
Despite the myth of sovereignty, we are
Entangled in a web of greed and need,
Poised upon the lip of life's destruction.
Eventually, pain will have its way,
Nor will we fail forever our descendants.
Death comes singing anthems from afar,
Even as each victim is a seed
Now blowing in the wind of our redemption.
Come, then, for the Earth will have its say,
Eloquent on the subject of dependence.
Divided, we have not the strength to bar
A nation from its exercise of greed.
Yet as one world, we can avoid extinction.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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