I Never Thought I Ever Would Get Married

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I never thought I ever would get married.
I wanted no restraint upon my will.
But like the wind I wanted to be carried
Wherever wish might take me, yearning still.
And then I fell in love with you, and found
A rock upon which I might build a home,
A place both for and to which I was bound,
So bountiful I had no need to roam.
Freedom cannot be except by choosing,
And choice, if choice it be, of need constrains.
And joy, once had, becomes, for fear of losing,
A horse one rides with firm grip on the reins.
Thus my choice to love you as your wife
Is freely made, yet made for all my life.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

Video Music: Like Starlight Through a Veil. By Philipp Weigl.
Performed by Philipp Weigl at the Free Music Archive
under an Attribution License.

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