It Sometimes Seems So Foolish to Persist

Music: Sonata K108.
By Domenico Scarlatti. Performed by John Sankey.

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Nicholas Gordon

It sometimes seems so foolish to persist
When years and miles separate our lips.
Despair's a midnight lover, hard to resist
In a darkness that crushes, an emptiness that grips . . .
But the thought of giving up is just like death:
The same wild pain, the alleys of hollow years,
The python twisted hard around my breath,
My eyes cracking under the weight of tears.
Ah, my darling! If now we are in pain,
It's for a love that floods our hearts with light.
We know that we will share that joy again
If dreams can take us through this anguished night.
Soaring 'cross the sea, we dip and glide:
Our lips apart, our thoughts are side by side.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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