I Would Be Proud of You, Could I Attend

Music: Ma mere l'oye - 5: Le Jardin Feerique.
By Maurice Ravel.
Performed by Felipe Sarro at the Free Music Archive
under a Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license.

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I would be proud of you, could I attend,
Would I now know the things I'll never know,
Could I have watched you come to comprehend
The wonder of the world in which you grow.
Do not think I did not think of you,
Imagining the beauty of this day,
For I was at your graduation, too,
Though long ago, and in a different way.
Life can be full, no matter short or long,
As long as love can fill it with its grace.
And I have felt such pride, and love so strong,
That you will live your life in my embrace.
So of the pride today I claim my share:
Though I am not, I know that I am there.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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