Let Others Speak of Hell -- I Speak of Courage

Music: Ogive No. 3.
By Erik Satie. Sequenced by David Cooke.

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

Let others speak of Hell -- I speak of courage:
In one there's inspiration for the other.
Nor need despair of Heaven one's life ravage:
Demand enough of Hell, and it rolls over.
All I suffered was what I endured,
For me a source of pride as well as pain.
Restored by love, I never could be cured:
Ill for life, but not alive in vain.
Enter bravely into my delight,
Dreadful though might be my manic mind.
More is known by feeling than by sight
As even darkness has its own sweet light;
Nor did I die but by my own design.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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