Light Eludes the Latitudes of Longing

Music: Jesus Christus, unser Heiland, der von uns den Gottes Zorn wandt (BWV 665)
By J.S. Bach. Sequenced by Margareth Greentree at Kunst der Fuge.

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Light eludes the latitudes of longing.
A part of us is always in the darkness,
Ever -- and thus never -- yet to be.

Ripped from One, we hunger for belonging,
But choose not to surrender our own oneness,
Protecting the sweet sense that we are free.

Some would rather melt into the light,
Consumed by love, certain of their faith,
Yet never, never quite completely home.

Some prefer the precincts of the night,
Haunted by a homeless, helpless wraith
Who yet retains the latitude to roam.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

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