Linda Was Quite Lonely

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Valentine's Day

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Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon

Linda was quite lonely
On the day of love.
No one cared how well she fared
Or which way she might move.

No one thought her lovely
Or dreamed of her caress,
Or so she thought until she bought
A sexy dark red dress.

That dress had seemed a failure,
Though she had lost some weight.
Some men stared, but no one cared
Enough to make a date.

Her calendar was empty,
As empty as her heart,
When in this hell she heard the bell
And jumped up with a start.

Could it be? Oh, could it?
Here was her salvation!
To her joy a delivery boy
Was holding a carnation.

"Carnation-Gram," the boy said,
And handed her the box.
Who was it from? Perhaps someone
Who thought she was a fox.

All Linda's sadness vanished
As if it never were.
That little flower had the power
To set her heart astir!

And so when Johnny called her
In a little while,
She was primed in heart and mind
To greet him with a smile.

So please remember Linda
When starting a relation:
Her mood reversed when she got first
A single, cheap carnation!

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

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