Love Has Obstacles Enough, They Say

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Love has obstacles enough, they say:
Why add to them the obstacle of race?
Two backgrounds so diverse can't share one space.
Love can't keep the world's harsh truths at bay.
Ah, love! Let such trite wisdom go its way!
All life is difficult yet full of grace.
All men and women share the same small place.
Nor should we out of fear our love betray.
Love is to daily life a vein of gold
Running through the rock like liquid fire,
Making ordinary moments glow.
May we treasure it as we grow old:
The breath that does our dreary clay inspire,
The touch that transforms everything we know.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

Audio and Video Music: Nu Flute. By Kevin MacLeod. Performed by
Kevin MacLeod at the Free Music Archive under an Attribution license.

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