My Husband Cheats. I Look the Other Way

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My husband cheats. I look the other way.
For the children, of course. I myself am worthless,
Stupid. Humiliation suits me. Each day
I steel myself for words each day more vicious.
But you are like a rainbow in my sky.
I look at you and know life can be good.
You call me gorgeous, I don't wonder why.
And happiness shines through me, as it should.
You, too, bear a cross: Your friend has cancer,
And you will not desert her. I agree.
Our love must be a question, not an answer,
A distant light on hills we cannot see.
Perhaps we are both fools to sacrifice,
Yet in such love is where true beauty lies.

Copyright by Nicholas Gordon. Free for personal or non-commercial use.

Audio and Video Music: Maryandra's Waltz.
By Jesse Gallagher. Music free to use at YouTube.

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